Our 10 Skills Programme



To ensure our students have a well structured programme to follow to prepare them for adult life and build their leadership skills we have created our 10 skills programme.

The programme is delivered to small groups of 2-4 students, typically mentored one on one by one of our instructors. We guide students through each skill and they learn to evaluate where their strengths and weaknesses lie so that we can work with them to develop each skill.


(A visible passion that enables you to motivate others)


(Effective communication between colleagues and the team)


(A true leader has experience they can relate to their team)


(As a leader you must be able to use your team effectively and delegate roles)


(A leader must have a strong mindset a desire to succeed and ability to influence)

Reliability and Responsibility

(A leader must be reliable and responsible to achieve their goals)

Creativity and Flexibility

(A leader will often have to think quickly and find creative solutions)


(Body Language, Appearance and Public Speaking)


(A Black Belt leader lives by a moral code with integrity and courtesy)

Attention to detail

(A Leader must have high levels of focus and excellent attention to detail).

How can Leadership skills can be encouraged at home?

As we have discussed, the development of leadership skills can have a hugely positive and long lasting effect on students as they grow into adults. To conclude this Chapter on Leadership, I would like to put forward that even without a leadership development programme or character development programme parents can make a lasting impact on their children by developing leadership skills at home and I believe there are 4 excellent things parents can do at home to encourage their children to become excellent leaders:

Encourage an entrepreneurial spirit

By encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit in our children we encourage them to seek out big problems in the world and solve them. This will present itself in their approach to challenges and ensure they have a bigger impact in the community as they grow older.

Encourage reading and self-education

Having a thirst for knowledge is a valuable trait in young people that can ensure students develop quickly into leaders within their sport/skill/subject. A Leader will quickly pick up a new skill or task to ensure they are able to help others in their group and this stems from having a passion for learning and self development, which can be taught from a young age.

Encourage the development of emotional intelligence

By constantly asking our children how their actions may affect others feelings and gearing conversations towards the the complexity of human emotions they will begin to understand the importance of how they approach others, how they communicate. It will improve their interpersonal skills and therefore their relationships.

Encourage children to blaze their own trail

Encouraging children to make their own decisions after evaluating situations and encouraging them to be independent and creative will teach them about responsibility and accountability as well as goal setting and persevering.

“Real Leadership comes from the nudging of an inner voice. It comes from realizing that the time has come to move beyond wanting to doing” – Madeleine albright, UNC, 2007





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