Daily Habits

It’s important to understand that our daily habits make up our small goals, which in turn make up our big goals.

We’ve discovered that by creating a little routine each morning we can improve our mindset and set ourselves up for the most positive, productive day, everyday.

Try to establish what the perfect day would look like?

Who can you help in your day?

As a student, can you help your parents out at home? Making your bed each day?

Then, look at the small things you can do at home to help you achieve the smaller goals like your stripes.

In this case, if your fitness stripe is coming up, a daily habit of performing push ups and squat jumps in the morning will really help you achieve your goal!

As a martial artist, we seek to develop a black belt character and by working on our Confidence, Conduct and Concentration we can develop our mindset so that achieving our big goals is easy!

Daily habits can put us in a positive mindset for the whole day. We believe a powerful routine can get powerful results for our students. Starting each day in a positive mindset will help.

To truly benefit from the goal setting steps above we must plan daily habits. This is something we encourage students to get into a habit of doing early on in their training.

The focus is on connecting the three main parts that make up the black belt Character.


Let’s breakdown each of these areas into a small tasks to build a little routine to perform each day that we can memorise and easily achieve, ideally in under 5 minutes. Any longer and it’s unlikely we will stick to our daily habits routine.

The morning routine should be fun and easy to achieve each day!

Have a think… what could you do each morning and fit into a small amount of time (5 minutes max).

Print out the Daily Habits Template and try to get a simple task in each box below… the challenge is then to stick to this simple little routine for 1 whole month!

Let us know what improvements you notice!






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