Belt Stripes

We break down the big goals (like achieving a new belt) into small goals – earning stripes on our belt! Each colour stripe represents a different technique you have learnt and it’s a requirement to have all of the stripes (apart from Silver and Brown) to be put forward for your grading.

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Let’s go through each colour:

Purple: Fitness

Each belt has a set number of press-ups, squat jumps and seconds holding the plank. This is how we gradually build up strength. For white belts, it’s just 10 seconds of each and holding the plank for 20 seconds.

Green: Technique

This stripe is for your line work and combination. Essentially it’s knowing each of the individual movements (kicks and punches) for your belt. Each belt has a combination which combines the new techniques and as you progress the combinations become more and more difficult.

Yellow: Leadership

We cultivate excellent leadership skills in the Warrior Academy because it teaches our students to be brave and confident, to have attention to detail and to lead others. It teaches our students to be role models, to be responsible and to set a good example. The first time you earn your yellow Leadership stripe will be for teaching the class a technique.

Black: WASP

This stands for the Warrior Academy Sparring Programme. You won’t need to use sparring equipment (unless you wish to) until you are a yellow belt. We build students up gradually to this level by playing elbow, tummy, shoulder tag (check out the WarriorNet Videos). You need to understand the fundamentals of this game at white belt level to earn the Black Stripe!

Red: Self Defence

Each belt has at least 2 self-defense techniques that must be learnt and perfected. You can see these on WarriorNet but please do not practice them until you have learnt them in class (safety first!). You will learn to defend from the Cross Punch and the Jab Punch at White Belt Level!

Silver: The Parent Stripe

The silver stripe is one of the most important stripes. It can only be earned at home through good behaviour. It represents that you are applying your Black Belt Character at home by helping out around the house, not arguing and achieving goals you have set with your parents. It’s not required to grade, but certainly a very prestigious stripe! To earn this, set goals with your parents on how you can improve or help at home and once achieved, come into class with a signed letter from Mum or Dad and your Instructor will award your stripe!

Brown: Tying your belt

By Senior level, you need to have learnt how to tie your belt, however as a reward for learning at Junior level you can earn your Brown Stripe! Check out WarriorNet Videos!





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