Holiday Time Table

From 23rd July until 3rd September we have our Summer Holidays! Our normal holiday time table is going on (click here for time table) and students will be grading toward the end of August. However, we wanted to create something really special for our students who train over the Summer!

So we have created 6 weeks of challenges!

The purpose is to keep our students engaged, having fun and working constructively to improve themselves over the holidays! Students who complete all 7 weeks will be rewarded with a prize in class in September!

Each challenge takes 5 to 10 minutes every day and must be completed 6 out of the 7 days per week. If one day is missed it can be caught up on another day. The challenges are designed so that they can be performed anywhere (at home or on holiday!).


Week 1: Meditating

Week 1: Meditating (Released on July 21st)

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Week 2: Fitness Challenge

Week 2: Fitness Challenge (Released on July 28th)

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Week 3: Conduct Challenge

Week 3: Conduct Challenge (Released on Aug 4th)

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Week 4: Mindfulness Challenge

Week 4: Mindfulness Challenge (Released on Aug 11th)

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Week 5: Combination Challenge

Week 5: Combination Challenge (Released on Aug 18th)

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Week 6: Leadership Challenge

Week 6: Leadership Challenge (Released on Aug 25th)

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Students who complete all 7 weeks (doing 6 days per week) will be rewarded in September with one of our Martial Arts Prizes (Worth £25!). Each week must be signed by a Parent to confirm it has been achieved and presented to the Instructor in the first week back to school!

Prizes include:

Focus Pads / Boxing Gloves / Breaking Board / Kick Paddle / Nunchucks / Kali Sticks / Bo Staff / Katana / Sparring Kit (choice of 1 item)




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