Develop Black Belt Concentration to improve Focus and Grades

100% of Parents saw an improvement in their child’s focus and concentration from participating in our Warrior Method Programme.

Parents expressed there was a 16% Increase in focus and concentration on a survey comparing “before and after” entering our programme.

95% of these parents saw a noticeable improvement in their child’s Grades from the increased Focus their child had developed.

On average the improvement in Grades in school was 23.3%.

So how does Martial Arts and specifically the Warrior Method have such a profound effect on improving the levels of Focus and Concentration of its students?

Simply put, we utilise Mindfulness and Meditation as an integral part of our classes and tuition.

Students are taught methods to sit and listen to their own thoughts, guided through meditation on their first class and encouraged to prepare for class with a moment of meditation. As we teach our students about stress, anxiety and dealing with a busy life (which we have found has increased in our modern problems section), many students have learnt to deal with situations preventing them from escalating and controlling their emotions. Combining this with our homework and online learning environment has had incredible results.

“As part of The Warrior Method programme, following the advice and teaching my children use their meditation exercises at home and on the school run. The other day my child explained to me that they were really angry and stressed with their siblings during a game and they took some time out to meditate or “practice self control” as the Warrior Academy explain, and they instantly calmed down and forgot about what angered them in the first place” – Sam Heart – Father of James Heart

Dr. Lidia Zylowska and her team of researchers released their groundbreaking study in the University of California-Los Angeles and found that “78% of participants who practiced mindful awareness reported reduction in their ADHD symptoms”.

This study caused quite a stir and unsurprisingly a revolution in the way mindfulness and meditation was applied to assisting young people with ADHD. It’s an ancient solution that has been around for centuries and now seems more relevant than ever before with more distractions and higher recordings of ADHD.

Additionally, within our syllabus we organise “sequencing” into the activities, there is a strong link between sequencing and concentration. For many children who struggle to concentrate, the following a set order for techniques or exercises has been found to help, keeping classes highly organised helps students focus and traditional martial arts are typically very disciplined in nature.

A little story from a student of ours…

“The Warrior Academy has helped my son in many ways, outside of the martial arts class and even in other clubs. This story is a great example… there is a boy at the badminton club my son attends, who frequently gives negative comments, has disruptive behaviour and distracts everyone. One evening it must has been worse than before and my son couldn’t focus on the game. He was very frustrated with the boy. He decided to take some time out and went to the changing room, out of the way he started some meditation that he learnt at Warrior Academy. After a few minutes he felt better and went back to the game. We felt so proud of him that he could deal with that kind of situation. He has definitely moved on.”

Claire, Mother of Thomas Cocks

The 21 Day Challenge

Research has shown that by performing the same exercice continuously, each day, for 21 days we build a habit. The period of 21 days is known as the minimum amount of time for something to become a habit in our lives.

We know from our Daily Habits guide that the habits we do each day are so important and help us achieve far bigger goals. It’s the small steps that compound and make a huge difference!

So, our challenge to our students is to meditate each day for 21 days!

Simply ask your child to sit still, with their legs crossed, hands on knees and eyes closed.

In class we say “How do we sit?”. As a vocal que, asking the question is more likely to get a response as children are eager to get the right answer.

In our gradings students must complete a 5 minute self control test. The self control test is simply 5 minutes of no moving, blinking, fidgeting or talking, it’s essentially meditation. As students progress we guide their meditation to focus on their breathing to eliminate negative thoughts or focus on an upcoming activity.

We have taught this to 1000s of students, many as young as 3 and hundreds with ADHD. Every child is able to complete 5 minutes. Parents are blown away by the power of this exercise.

Build it up!

For some children this will be a breeze, ask them to go for 5 minutes straight away, put a timer on and have them sit with their eyes closed. Explain they must focus on their breathing and nothing else. If they catch their mind wondering they must refocus on their breathing.

For other children, closing their eyes for 10 seconds is absolutely impossible. We ask them to close their eyes and count to 5. They are then given a high five when they achieve this and we build the seconds up. Typically after the first session they can do this for 20 seconds in row. We just keep performing the 20 seconds of self control until we reach 5 minutes.





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