Teachers Log!

For many of our parents a big goal for their warrior is to improve their concentration and/or behaviour in school.

We want to help bridge the gap between the lessons taught in our classes and improving how your warrior performs in school.

This must be done in a fun way that motivates our young students and doesn’t become a chore. So for this reason the Teachers log is not yet compulsory.

The concept is to have your child’s teacher sign off on good behaviour and good concentration in class up to 2 weeks before the grading.

We hold gradings every 3 months and so if you wish to use our Teachers Log, you can show this to your Instructor in class and you will be eligible to grade (providing you have earned all of your stirpes).

It’s so important we work WITH parents to develop the character of our young students. When parents are really on board with our programme the results are absolutely incredible and the developments we have seen are absolutely inspiring.

We hope you enjoy the Teachers Log!






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We have developed a world-class character development programme and pride ourselves on our ability to bring communities together through martial arts. We exist to inspire young people to seek challenge and adventure, teaching them that they can make a global impact and lead a positive change in the world.
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