Your @Home Introduction Programme

Often our clubs have a big waiting list and it can seem like a rather long wait before your warrior’s first introduction class. We have created this guide so that whilst you are waiting for your first class you can get a deeper understanding of what to expect and an opportunity, if you wish, to start working on the basics at home!

While some aspects of this programme may seem complicated for our younger students, we hope that by working with you, they may be able to “have a go” in a fun way.
Certainly the methodology is more for parents understanding, however, we have had great feedback from parents who have used this programme with their children at home!

This Introduction Programme is designed to boost your child’s confidence at home so they feel more prepared before your first class. Remember, we do not expect you to know anything before your first class so anything you can pick up before you come along is a bonus :).

We hope you enjoy this guide and have fun working on the exercises at home!

Earning the official Warrior Academy Uniform

Earning your uniform is a vital step of the Warrior Academy Programme. While most organisations may give a student their uniform on the first class, and indeed for many student’s it’s so exciting to get a uniform it’s the first thing they ask Mum and Dad – we have a different approach.

Everything in our programme is earned, through concentration on achieving goals (in a fun way!). We make the uniform a special reward for good behaviour at home before a new student even comes to class. By doing this, we are beginning to bridge the gap between what is taught and class and the practical application of improved character at home.

Print out the uniform test, fill it out and make it fun! You will be so proud when you come to class and show your instructor and they will award your uniform in front of the whole class!





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