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Why can’t I just come to class (walk-in’s)?

Our classes are extremely popular and we have waiting lists for many of our classes. Parents apply for a position in our Academy for their child and we book in a phone call introduction chat to initiate this application process.

During the chat we talk to parents about their goals and establish their main reasons for coming to our classes. Having done this for over a decade and with very few spaces available, we only want to work with parents who want to work with us to produce the best results in their child. We love to welcome parents who are fully on board with our values and goals and see Martial Arts as a long term commitment.

What age do you teach? 

We accept students form 4 and above. Our Junior classes are for students aged 4 to 8 and our Senior classes are for students aged 9+ or very mature green belts.

We do teach adults and currently have an adult class at our club in Amesbury. We can also offer Adult personal training (one to one sessions) and ‘MOT clinics’, instructional guidance for martial arts instructors and fitness professionals wanting to develop their technique.

What do you teach?

We are a Freestyle Tae Kwon Do organisation specialising in the development of values and character in young people within the community, via the medium of martial arts. We want students to come to us with the passion to learn and leave with a huge increase in confidence, self control, respect, perseverance, and leadership as well as a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the martial  arts.

Our clubs are generally split into the following age groups: Juniors 4-8yrs. Seniors 9+yrs.

It is our goal to provide a broad education in the martial arts for each of our students. This is why we have instructors who have a background in Tae Kwon Do with lots of experience from several other arts teaching at our clubs; including boxing, thai boxing, kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Kung Fu. Due to the huge diversity of our program, it gives us great pride to say, with confidence; that we have developed the MOST engaging, diverse and exciting syllabus around for young people in the South West of England.

The students all begin as a white belt training once or twice per week and are graded in our freestyle Tae Kwon Do syllabus 2-4 times per year. The freestyle nature of the syllabus means students are tested in aspects of each of the other arts they learn with us while keeping a strong Tae Kwon Do ethos. What separates us from traditional Tae Kwon Do is that in our clubs there is less focus on patterns, katas and Korean language and more focus on realistic self defence, sparring and pad work, with patterns being introduced at higher grades. We believe as Martial Arts evolves this is the best route to become a diverse and adaptive Martial Artist.

Parents report better behaviour at home and teachers report better grades in class. We urge you to watch our promotional video and to scroll through the feedback we have received over the years from parents and teachers.


Warrior Academy Martial Arts vs. Judo (or any contact martial art)

Starting out our martial arts syllabus is strictly non-contact, unlike judo or many other martial arts – i.e. Boxing, Kickboxing etc. The focus of our classes is instilling respect, discipline, self control, perseverance and leadership, whilst ensuring that the kids enjoy the classes.

Step One: Instil Respect, Confidence and Understanding
Step Two: Develop advanced Martial Arts technique

After being with us for a year students develop through our Warrior Academy Sparring Programme (WASP) which builds confidence in sparring, this is the contact phase of the students training. It’s done slowly and progressively and is not compulsory, however sparring is compulsory after Yellow Belt to reach a senior and advanced level.


Kicking/hitting outside of the Martial Arts class

We operate a zero tolerance policy for any inappropriate use of martial arts outside the class, and we would appreciate if you could inform us if your child is found to be losing his temper in such a manner so that we can address it with your child personally. The goal should be to give them an environment where they can vent their tenacity in a safe class. We’re on your team!

What is the Leadership Club?

The leadership club is a special invite only club. The focus is on leading the class, as well as sparring – there is a huge amount of time that is spent developing confidence as well as core values that will reflect outside of the class. Students are learning to become assistant Instructors and eventually Instructors.

What is the Belt System?

Students follow the Tae Kwon Do / Kickboxing Belt system. Time between belts is strictly down to the individuals progress, for some it may be faster then stated for others a little slower.

JUNIORS GRADES, Graded in class.

White Belt: 3-5 months between gradings.

Yellow Tag: 3-5 months between gradings.

Yellow Belt: 3-5 months between gradings. *Junior Sparring kit now compulsory to progress

Green Tag: 3-5 months between gradings. *Senior Sparring kit now compulsory to progress

Green Belt: 3-5 months between gradings.


Blue Tag: 6-8 months between gradings, Graded in class.

Blue Belt: 6-8 months between gradings, Advanced Gradings held over the weekend only.

Red Tag: 6-8 months between gradings, Advanced Gradings held over the weekend only.


Red Belt: 6-12 months between gradings, Advanced Gradings held over the weekend only.

Black Tag: 6-12 months between gradings, Advanced Gradings held over the weekend only.

Black Belt 6-12 months between gradings, Advanced Gradings held over the weekend only.

1st Degree Black Belt 12-24 months between gradings,

The belts are a physical/tangible representation of the students progress within the Warrior Academy. The technical term of the Martial Arts level these students gain when achieving a belt is “Freestyle Tae Kwon Do and Mixed Martial Arts.


Why do we need to purchase sparring kit? 

Sparring is a fundamental aspect of Martial Arts training here at the Warrior Academy. We have a very thorough development plan which takes students from White belt level to Black Belt level with their sparring technique. We call this the Warrior Academy Sparring Program (WASP) and there are currently 5 levels. 

We believe a slow, steady, confidence building progression is far better than being thrown in the deep end. Our students love learning the techniques involved and feel a real sense of achievement! Sparring Kit is a big investment, it’s not cheap but fortunately it does last a long time. Sparring kit is necessary to progress through our grades and develop as Martial Artists.

Please note, we do not accept any kit bought from another provider, all kit must be purchased from the Warrior Academy website so that we can ensure the quality of reliability. 

We do far more than most organisations to make the initial purchase easier, baring in mind you will only typically need to buy one set of kit for the duration of your time with us:

  1. Offer to finance the kit over 4 months!
  2. Offer to buy the kit back for 25% if you quit
  3. Provide a huge discount (£30 off in the form of a kit bag!)
  4. Split the requirement over two belts (yellow belt and green tag, see above system).



Why do students need insurance as members?

We take the safety of our students very seriously and every member is required to be insured. Payment for insurance is £9.99 for the whole year and this will be taken by DD at the start of your membership.

Insurance is required in all martial arts clubs where there is potential contact.

Member to Member Cover:

Member to Member insurance forms part of the group public and products liability policy and provides cover for one member to another member for negligent injury. This also covers students for tournaments and events.

Group Cover:

Group cover provides cover for an accident occurring while an Insured Person is taking part in martial arts training, grading, assessments or competitions organised by the club or association, which results in death or disablement.

Here’s a breakdown of the cover:

Most clubs charge a £60+ yearly fee for this (known as a license fee or joining fee), however we try to keep initial costs for new parents as low as possible and also to provide complete clarity on what any charges are for.  We have searched hard to provide an option that is far cheaper at just £9.99 per student but still providing an excellent service.

What are the use of Stars?

Stars are given out on two occasions, and only normally used with Junior students:

1. As Grading Awards for showing the following Warrior Values at gradings:

– Self Control (Red)

– Respect (Black)

– Perseverance (Green)

– Leadership (Yellow)

– Grading Award (Blue)

2. For showing good effort and commitment, by attending a full holiday camp (gold star). On specific holiday camps, we do not give these stars out every single camp.


Why do we have to pay for lessons over the Holidays on the basic Membership? 

No classes are paid for over the holidays as our clubs are term time only, the breakdown of membership fees means that on average each student has 35-37 classes during the year for each club they attend. The location you are training at determines how many classes will be avaliable. During some weeks in term time some schools are open when others are not and if this is the case students are welcome to train at any of our other locations.

Refunds for cancelled classes:

There are two types of cancelled classes:

– Cancelations due to school/hall closure or poor weather conditions (snow days/floods), bank holidays etc are out of our control. Unfortunately we cannot provide a refund for this form of cancelation.
– Cancelations due to instructor unavailability or sickness we deem as our own fault and we have provided a solution for this below.

On both occasions we will do our very best to arrange a catch up class, invite students to a local club or find another instructor to cover.

Regarding cancelations that are our fault:

We have taken into consideration that on average we have to cancel 2-3 classes per year (due to instructor availability/sickness). We keep a log of any (rare) cancelled classes carefully. We have worked this estimation into the membership so providing we do not cancel more then 3-4 classes due to instructor unavailability, you are paying for the average 35-37 classes per year and you are not paying for the cancelled classes. If however more then 3-4 classes during the academic year are cancelled due to instructor availability/sickness then we will provide a refund for any further cancelled classes.


What about Cancelled Classes Due to Bad Weather (Snow day etc), school cancelation, hall or Instructor unavailability?

Our general rule of thumb for classes, is that if the school is open and willing to host the afterschool club, the class is on. If the school is closed due to bad weather or we are unable to conduct the class due to the very rare event of an Instructor not being available , then unfortunately the class will not be on.

We do not offer a refund for cancelled/missed classes, students are however invited to come to any of our other clubs to catch up on the missed class.

Unfortunately my child would like to stop coming to classes, how do we quit?

We understand that motivation goes up and down especially when our students have busy lives with other clubs going on too! Sometimes students have a small 1-3 month break and then rejoin. Please give us 1 months notice before cancelling your subscription and then inform your bank to stop the Standing Order, or alternatively if you are using Direct Debit with Go Cardless simply log on and cancel the subscription.

Please do let us know why your child wants to stop so that we can improve or help clear up any underlying issues that are causing your child to be demotivated.

The Importance of Self Control?

Self control is one of the first things that we work on with the children. We actually grade children on their self control, and this forms a part of the syllabus in the first levels of their training.

I would urge you to watch this one-minute video, which pretty much sums up the self control that we manage to instil even with some of the most challenging youngsters!




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We have developed a world-class character development programme and pride ourselves on our ability to bring communities together through martial arts. We exist to inspire young people to seek challenge and adventure, teaching them that they can make a global impact and lead a positive change in the world.
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