Our Syllabus, Planning Classes and the Year planner

Here is the link to Rotating Curriculum
Here is the link to WA Systems

Gradings! How to prepare your spreadsheets

In this video you will learn how to prepare your registers for the grading (done weeks before the actual grading date in preparation for the grading list).

How to send text messages to parents!

We aim to send 1 text message per month to each student to give their parents an update on their progress. This typically takes 30 mins each day, going through the previous days messages. Here’s how to do it!

Invoices! How to log your hours and send your invoice for payment.

It’s important you get paid for all your hard work on time and for the correct hours. Here’s how we log our hours and also how you can be paid monthly with a set amount.

How to use your google calendar

Every Instructor has a google calendar.

If you haven’t got one yet, please set one up and share it with the team.

We use them to:

+ Keep track of the number of classes we have done.
+ Write reminders to ourselves about classes.
+ Block out events coming up (weekends or mornings that are out of the ordinary).

How to use our registers

Password: warrior1000


Example: Click Here

Taking a photo for a post card

Taking a photo for a post card.




A little help finding your way around The Warrior Academy website: 

At The Warrior Academy we provide martial arts classes for children in Wiltshire, Somerset, Amesbury, Chippenham, Shaftesbury and many other areas, you can read more about our martial arts classes here:  https://www.warrioracademy.co.uk/. To find times and days for our martial arts classes for children you can visit https://www.warrioracademy.co.uk/clubs. To find more information the instructors who teach our martial arts classes you can click here https://www.warrioracademy.co.uk/instructors/ our instructors have a strong background in many styles including taekwondo, kickboxing, thai boxing, boxing, jiu jitsu, mma and kung fu.  To discover more about our methodology that has a proven track record in massively improving children’s confidence, focus and behaviour you can click here: https://www.warrioracademy.co.uk/overview. If you are not yet a member and are searching for martial arts classes for children in any of our clubs in Wiltshire, Amesbury, Chippenham or Salisbury etc you can click here to book in an intro call with us: https://www.warrioracademy.co.uk/trial/.




About Us


We have developed a world-class character development programme and pride ourselves on our ability to bring communities together through martial arts. We exist to inspire young people to seek challenge and adventure, teaching them that they can make a global impact and lead a positive change in the world.
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