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Welcome to WarriorNet! The purpose of WarriorNet is to provide short, engaging instructional videos to help Warrior Academy students study and improve on their techniques at home! We hope to constantly add content and videos to this page.

Always remember to practice safely with an adult with lots of space around you. Warm up properly to avoid injury and try to stick to your belt perfecting your current techniques!

As a Junior student you can access all Junior Belts! When you become a Green Belt you will be able to access all of our Senior Belts and finally when you become an Advanced student you can access the Advanced belts!



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Yellow Belt Videos



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At The Warrior Academy we provide martial arts classes for children in Wiltshire, Somerset, Amesbury, Chippenham, Shaftesbury and many other areas, you can read more about our martial arts classes here:  https://www.warrioracademy.co.uk/. To find times and days for our martial arts classes for children you can visit https://www.warrioracademy.co.uk/clubs. To find more information the instructors who teach our martial arts classes you can click here https://www.warrioracademy.co.uk/instructors/ our instructors have a strong background in many styles including taekwondo, kickboxing, thai boxing, boxing, jiu jitsu, mma and kung fu.  To discover more about our methodology that has a proven track record in massively improving children’s confidence, focus and behaviour you can click here: https://www.warrioracademy.co.uk/overview. If you are not yet a member and are searching for martial arts classes for children you can click here to book in an intro call with us: https://www.warrioracademy.co.uk/trial/.

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We have developed a world-class character development programme and pride ourselves on our ability to bring communities together through martial arts. We exist to inspire young people to seek challenge and adventure, teaching them that they can make a global impact and lead a positive change in the world.
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