Every parent wants their child to receive the best possible education. The vital years for development from age 4 to 17 really set children up for life. From working with thousands of parents the biggest areas we find parents need help are in improving their child’s confidence, Concentration and their Conduct/behaviour.

It’s so hard for parents to find a single solution that can make this sort of impact on their child’s life. Our programme aims to make a massive impact, very quickly on all three areas and also decrease parents stress at home, improving their quality family time.

Discovering Breakthrough Areas:

We typically find students have 1 or 2 of the three values that make up their Character but lack in one or two areas. For instance a child may have excellent focus and behaviour but lack confidence and this holds them back from taking up challenges and progressing. In another example; a child may have excellent confidence but lack focus and displays poor behaviour. Each area has a crossover with another area, they all benefit each other and this is why understanding and developing all three has such a powerful effect.By discovering their main Breakthrough areas from our initial assessment; we find their development is massively acceler-ated.

The Warrior Method develops all three aspects to solve what we believe are parents biggest concerns.By conquering the three main aspects students develop a Black Belt Character and we achieve this “Prize” by applying the Warrior Method to their training.

Black Belt Character:

The 4 Step Warrior Method is a system that ensures the development of each students Character is optimised.When all three areas crossover the area is “Black” in the very centre. This represents a Black Belt Character, where a student is typically:

+  Highly driven and goal orientated.
+  Has excellent attention to detail.
+  High levels of self control.
+  High levels of respect and courtesy.
+  A strong, possitive self image.
+  A possitive inner critic.
+  Evaluates situations positively.
+  Enjoys taking on new challenges.

The Warrior Method:


The Warrior Method Diagram shown here illustrates out 4 methods. We encourage you to understand our ethos in more detail by click on the following subheadings, where we have made videos to guide you through each aspect of our method:

Part One – Community

Part Two – Inspire

Part Three – Challenge

Part Four – Lead



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    Welcome to The Warrior Academy! We are a Mixed Martial Arts organisation specialising in the development of values and character in young people within the community, via the medium of martial arts. We want students to come to us with the passion to learn and leave with a huge increase in confidence, self control, respect, perseverance, and leadership as well as a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the martial arts
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