The Warrior Method – By Sebastian Bates


Our Published methodology, founded by Head Instructor Sebastian Bates. Our book will give you a deep insight into how our character development programme is structured and how the Warrior Academy was born. Along with lots of personal stories and experiences from Sebastian and many of our Warrior Academy Parents.

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Official Summary

Do you worry that your child is lacking confidence, isn’t doing as well at school as they could be, or is struggling with their behaviour as they negotiate the challenges of adolescence? The Warrior Method gives parents a four-step character development programme based on martial arts that you can use to transform your children’s lives at any age just as it has transformed the lives of thousands of young people in the UK. Use this proven method to develop your child’s character and equip them with the self-assurance to negotiate problems now and as they become adults. In this book you will learn how martial arts can: Improve your child’s behaviour and reduce your stress: Give your child a Black Belt mindset and high levels of confidence: Massively improve your child’s focus, concentration and school results: Ensure your child is bulletproof to the effects of bullying: Support your child through adolescence and ensure a promising future