“We must learn to become comfortable with stepping outside of our comfort zone, in order to optimize our development and grow as martial artists and people”

Once our students are part a strong community that inspires them to succeed we can begin to encourage them to seek out challenges and adventure. We put challenging, success and failure in the right context, helping our students to analyse their performance positively. Without the previous two steps your child may not feel comfortable or have the desire to challenge themselves and this will limit their development.

We teach our students the Warrior Method for goal setting, a system that has been proven to rapidly increase the confidence and focus of children in a practical way, creating independent warriors in our community.



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    About Us


    Welcome to The Warrior Academy! We are a Mixed Martial Arts organisation specialising in the development of values and character in young people within the community, via the medium of martial arts. We want students to come to us with the passion to learn and leave with a huge increase in confidence, self control, respect, perseverance, and leadership as well as a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the martial arts
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