Traditional Weapons


As part of our exciting martial arts programme we often teach our students to use traditional martial arts weapons. Over thousands of years weapons as a form of self defence have developed within ancient martial arts. We enjoy passing on the history and tradition of these weapons as a form of self discipline and to improve the focus of our students.

Students in our clubs understand that weapon training is only done in a very safe and controlled environment and no student has ever been hurt in any weapon training class. We would like to stress that parents should be with their child while they participate and each technique shown in this video must be done with care and never without full control.



Traditional Weapons




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    Welcome to The Warrior Academy! We are a Mixed Martial Arts organisation specialising in the development of values and character in young people within the community, via the medium of martial arts. We want students to come to us with the passion to learn and leave with a huge increase in confidence, self control, respect, perseverance, and leadership as well as a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the martial arts
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