South West Championships 2020

"Our competitions are designed to introduce brand new students to competing, while preparing Advanced students for national competitions, with a focus on developing confidence and building our community spirit!"

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Saturday 28th March 2020 :

Registration; 9am, aiming to start at 9:30am.

Finish time estimated 5pm.

St Augustine's Catholic College, Trowbrige - See location map for more details.

Countdown To South West Championships 2020


The 3 Warrior Comps

We hold 3 competitions each year; Summer Samurai, Winter Warrior and South West Champs!

Why are Warrior comps so special?

  • We tailor our competitions to those who apply. Students are placed into small groups of 4 to 8 to keep the competitions very fair!
  • The event is held in a supportive, familiar environment with your child's instructors!
  • We make our competitions fun and light hearted, expect lots of music, lots of clapping and lots of fun (Parents may even get a chance to break a board or two)
  • We look after our guests, ensuring everyone has a great time!
  • Students have a chance to get buckets of experience in 4 categories, with a chance to win 4 trophies!
  • We serve brilliant coffee throughout the day, vital for our students' biggest fans - their parents!
  • There's a FREE Competition Tshirt for every competitor!

What other parents say

5 star

“Thanks for a fantastic competition today. You create this lovely family atmosphere where the children can try out in a really supportive environment"

Rachael Faulkner  

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Your giving impact

We are aligned with 2 of the UN Global Goals, Education and Health. As you enter our Warrior Tribe you will automatically be making a global impact to improve the world. As a member you will have already:  

+ Given 365 days of life-saving water to families in Africa. + Given 48 days of education to a child in India.  

If you come to a competition with us we will donate a bicycle to a student in Cambodia to help them get to school on your behalf.

We do this to teach our students that they can make a direct impact in the world with small actions and as a community, we can be a force for change. If you run a business or organisation we highly recomend aligning with B1G1 who do fantastic work linking businesses to charities. 

Basic Information

The 4 Categories

There are 4 main categories of competition. Each child can compete in as many or as few categories as you like. You can do more or less on the day if you feel, this style of competition is very flexible!  

Point Stop sparring - Each time a student scores a point the match stops and resumed after the referee has counted the point. Students must have full sparring kit and gum shield in order to compete. Instructors will be unable to help students put their kit on or mould gum-shields on the day, so please be ready.  

Continuous Sparring - The Match carries on for 1 minute non stop and the scores are counted up at the end. Students must have full sparring kit and gum shield in order to compete. Instructors will be unable to help students put their kit on or mould gum-shields on the day, so please be ready.  

Weapon Patterns - Students must perform a 20 move weapon pattern, this is either a pattern they have created on their own or one we have taught them in a weapons course. Students who have done a weapons course will be in a seperate category. Each student MUST have their own weapon to compete in this category. We will have kit with us for sale on the day.  

Board Breaking - Students will break boards and points will be awarded for technique, power and accuracy.  

Location - Map  

We hold our competitions in: St Augustines Catholic College, St Augustines Catholic College, Wingfield Rd, Trowbridge BA14 9EN, UK

Be chosen for the English Championships!

"I've travelled the world competing in Europe and Asia, in many styles of martial arts, from amateur to proffessional level. I've discovered that success in competition is far more about character than skill level. Develop the mind and the body will follow. We study our students at our 'in-house' competitions to see who we would like to invite to the English/British Championships each year. We look for a few main key things:  

  •  Black Belt Character, respect and sportsmanship.
  •  Maturity, humble in victory and defeat.
  • Experience in competitions (minimum 2 comps).
  •  High level of technique. 
  • Team Spirit and camaraderie. "  

- Sebastian Bates, Founder and Head Instructor of The Warrior Academy  

 "Students who are selected for the English or British Championships will recieve an invitation in the post from our team"  

"Each student who comes to the competition will be awarded their Competition T shirt for having the courage to join!"