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Parents often struggle to improve their child’s concentration at home, this can affect school, grades and a knock on effect to their confidence and even behaviour. We’ve seen huge improvements in students by:

  • Utilising meditation and mindfulness in every class.
  • Using sequencing in our exercises to improve engagement.
  • Developing attention to detail.
  • Rewarding concentration in class.
  • Working directly with each child’s school teacher using our character development programme.

Improving concentration can be a powerful development. Students are more calm, less stressed, more focused and perform better at tasks at home and at school. If we get better results in our ‘school work’ we enjoy it more and our confidence grows.

100% of parents saw an improvement in their child’s focus resulting in an average improvement of their grades of 23.3% – 2017 survey to over 1000 Warrior Academy parents.

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