Children’s Martial Arts

We help parents, like you, transform their children into Confident, highly focused leaders by developing a Black Belt Character within weeks!
Our martial arts clubs started in Wiltshire and Somerset in 2011. Over the last 8 years we have developed a world-class character development programme that has transformed the lives of thousands of children in our 70+ clubs around the world.
Our methodology focuses on the 3 C’s, improving Confidence, Conduct and Concentration. Our Instructors come from a varied background of Taekwondo, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, bringing together an exciting syllabus that keeps students engaged and progressing for years.
We pride ourselves on our ability to bring communities together through martial arts. We exist to inspire young people to seek challenge and adventure through our martial arts classes, teaching them that they can make a global impact and lead a positive change in the world.
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We’ve mentored over 5,000 children and discovered that every child has a breakthrough area, It’s an area of focus that, once developed to a high level results in rapid development of a child’s character. A breakthrough area is typically one of the 3 C’s; Confidence, Conduct and Concentration. Your child will typically have high levels of one, or two but rarely all three. By developing all three to a high level a child achieves, what we call, a “Black Belt Character”, which will ultimately set them up for a successful and happy life as an adult.
"I believe that the most important, but often overlooked aspect of a child's education is the development of their character. A strong character guides every decision they make growing up and ultimately sets a child up for a compelling, successful and happy life" - Sebastian Bates, Founder of The Warrior Academy
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