#108 Cracking Open The Truth About Expat Life!

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In this episode, we have a candid conversation with Joe Woodhouse, a financial advisor and comedian who shares his journey from a disruptive teen with a short attention span to a successful financial advisor in the UK and later, his decision to move to Dubai. He discusses the importance of simplifying financial concepts and using humor to engage and educate people about managing their finances.

Topics Discussed:

– Joe’s early life and upbringing in a working-class family in Sheffield, UK.

– The challenges of being a quick learner with a short attention span and how it can lead to disruptive behavior in school.

– The pressure to pursue a traditional path of going to college and obtaining a degree.

– Joe’s introduction to the world of finance while working as a cashier at Lloyds Bank.

– His passion for sales and the drive to succeed in the banking industry.

– The pivotal moment when he decided to leave college and work full-time at the bank.

– The support and mentorship he received in his early career.

– His journey to becoming a financial advisor and the importance of simplifying financial concepts for clients.

– The role of humor in Joe’s content creation and how it helps people better understand financial topics.

– Joe’s decision to move to Dubai at the age of 22 and embark on a new chapter in his life.

To stay updated with Joe Woodhouse and his financial comedy content, follow him on social media and subscribe to his channels. You can find him on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter @JoeWoodhouseComedy. Don’t miss out on his informative and entertaining financial advice!

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