#116 Part 1: The World of Bullying Chapter 2: How Bullying Works (Part 4)

How confident is your child?

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In this episode, Sebastian Bates, the founder of the Warrior Academy, discusses the critical issue of cyberbullying. He shares insights into the unique challenges posed by cyberbullying, emphasizing the importance of proactive parenting to prepare and empower children to navigate this digital threat. Sebastian explores the differences between cyberbullying and traditional bullying and provides practical tips for parents to protect their children.

Topics Discussed:

– Introduction to the prevalence of bullying as a normal part of human experience

– Controversial approach: preparing children for bullying rather than preventing it

– Focus on cyberbullying and its significant impact on today’s youth

– Exploration of the differences between cyberbullying and traditional bullying

– Anonymity, disconnection, unceasing nature, and accessibility of cyberbullying

– The permanency and visibility of cyberbullying actions

– Challenges in monitoring online comments and messages

– Tips for parents: Spending quality time, setting guidelines, and fostering open communication

– Introduction to the Warrior Academy’s Digital Black Belt program

– The responsibility of parents to understand digital risks and guide their children

– Empowering children with a digital black belt to defend themselves online

– Encouragement for parents to share this information with others

– Invitation to subscribe to the podcast and share the episode for wider awareness

– Closing remarks on the importance of the three C’s: confidence, conduct, and concentration

– Invitation to the Breakthrough Area Assessment for a personalized report on a child’s three C’s

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