A Practical guide to developing confidence


We’ve put together five simple levels that essentially form the backbone of our Warrior Method for developing confidence in our programme. We’ve sent this to thousands of parents and it’s helped them at home with their children even if they are not attending our programme. You can find this practical guide in the “Challenge” Section of our book.


Confidence Ebook


Inspiring our students is vital to their development.


Inspire; It’s Step 2 of The Warrior Method, and we believe it’s a key ingredient to a child’s character development.  In previous blogs we’ve talked about how inspiring our students opens their eyes to possibilities and helps them see the big picture.


We’ve talked about what we define as Black Belt Mentoring, the importance of curiosity… “curiosity dimmed is a future denied” and how inspiration increases curiosity. We’ve discussed the inner critic/inner voice and the development of a Black Belt Mindset as well as how our individuality is a huge strength and we have shared some interesting case studies and stories from within the Dojo from students who have been inspired and gone on to achieve great things.


We’ve talked about the comfort zone and how it’s important to challenge students so they leave their comfort zone and enter the optimal performance zone and the effect this has on their development.


I believe courage earns confidence.


By having students say this outloud before they compete, take up a challenge or leave their comfort zone they are provided with a real and tangible sense of the what it is they will achieve from leaving their actions. By teaching the process of earning confidence, students not only become inspired by their own actions but they also act as a inspiration to other children in their class.

I believe that introducing a sense of adventure from a young age has so many benefits for children and encourages them to take up challenges in a positive way. In our next series of blogs, we will be diving into step three of The Warrior Method, “Challenge”. We will be exploring the many ways in which adventure can enrich our lives and we will be tying in the lessons learned from developing a Black Belt Mindset.


We will be going into great detail on how to overcome fear, putting challenge and competition in the right context, set goals and improve our focus, so… get ready… hold on tight!




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