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Martial Arts classes in Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset.


Success through martial arts.

Grading prep has been the focus of the past weeks classes, seeing everyone at the Warrior Academy working tirelessly to assess our 400+ young warriors to see who is ready to be put forward for grading. During these sessions I have been particularly impressed with how many of our students have taken on the homework I set them, practicing their fitness at home has been very evident in class with clear form improvements and finding the task easier and more enjoyable! Getting to grips with these excercises early on is a huge benefit to all students because as they progress through our syllabus the amount of repetitions expected increases. This works to build stamina and is as much a test of mental strength as it is physical, pushing the limits of what you think possible, ensuring constant progression. This increase in stamina is essential for when our students begin competing. Knowing that you have the strength to push on even when it feels like you need to give up is often the difference between winning and losing. This is a skill that can aid our students in all aspects of their lives, a strong sense of self belief can help them deal better with stressful situations that present themselves during their years at school, aiding them both in the academic challenges and on the playing field.

We have also been drilling techniques and self defence, perfecting the strikes and making the defences smooth. It’s great to see the constant improvements and better level of understanding from our young warriors every week, considering the techniques were completely new to them a couple of months ago! They have all worked very hard to get to this point and are all very excited as grading day gets closer, so they can showcase their new skill set of strikes, combinations, new defences, improved fitness and level of self control. The list of students selected for grading has been emailed out to everybody this week, so be sure to check if your young warrior will be grading this time round. If they are not the next grading is only in February, and plenty of time to work on any difficult areas. The majority of our senior students will be grading at the February grading, because once you become a senior grade, ie green belt and above, it is between 6-8 months between gradings and juniors 3-6 months. This week we will be working on any areas highlighted in last weeks assessment and making the final preparations for next weeks gradings and Nunchuku assessment for the students attending our weapons course!

Look forward to seeing you all in class!

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