Developing Leadership skills in young people teaches Communication, interpersonal skills and Emotional intelligence

Developing Leadership skills in young people teaches Communication, interpersonal skills and Emotional intelligence

One of the greatest benefits of developing leadership skills is the understanding of how to communicate, empathise and understand other people and higher emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is defined as “The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.” As a leader it’s vital we are aware of our own, and other emotions in order to work effectively as a group and work towards the desired outcome.

Emotional intelligence becomes an incredibly important part of life, especially as we get older and represents itself in a number of ways. A person with high emotional intelligence will have the following attributes:

–   Self Aware: Aware of their own abilities, their strengths and their weaknesses and how their                actions affect others. They will also be far better at receiving constructive criticism and                        improving.

–  Self Regulation: A person with a high emotional IQ (or EQ) can reveal their emotions in a                   mature way that prevents them from holding onto their feelings which can cause problems;                 instead they are expressed with control.

–  Highly motivated: Students with high EQ tend to have a good level of intrinsic motivation and             have the ability to motivate others. This quality will help them through difficult times and                       makes them optimistic and resilient. They typically have a lot of ambition that represents itself             in how they approach challenges or how they respond to disappointed.

–  Empathetic: A person with a high EQ will have high levels of compassion and understanding               for other humans, the ability to understand others is a vital part of being a leader. This quality             helps build relationships throughout our lives.

–  Interpersonal Skills: The ability to build rapport and trust quickly with others in a team. A                     quality that helps us to be part of a positive community and be an influencer. Being a leader               means communicating well with your team and this leadership trait is a result of developing                 interpersonal skills.




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