Analysing Performance Positively Learning to analyse performance Positively To develop an unshakable Black Belt Mindset and the ability to overcome failure in a mature and positive way we need three things: Experience of success and failure A strong mentor A supportive community A process for analysing performance In order to develop Black Belt Mindset and › Read more
What is Failure? Defining failure and its importance to success From a young age (5 to 11) I was competing regularly in martial arts and I was failing, regularly. My Dad would take me across the country, often driving 6 hours to compete. The fear, pressure and anticipation I felt was often so difficult to › Read more
  It doesn’t always go to plan. Here’s what happens if you film too many instructional videos in one day. › Read more
  An awesome defensive technique to keep your opponent away in sparring, it doubles up as a brilliant board breaking technique. Remember to kick with the bottom of your foot, pushing through the target. It’s part of your Green Belt Combination! Students who come to our martial arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset (found here › Read more
  When you become an advanced student and your opponent is used to trips and throws from the clinch you will have to disguise each technique you do. This clinch trip provokes a knee strike, dummies the front leg to hop from a potential trip so that it lands at the same time as the › Read more
  I love this setup. It’s simple and effective and sets up the jump reverse turning kick perfectly. Take your time with it and try to get that spin over the top of your knee as you come around for the last kick. Students who come to our martial arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset › Read more
  Required: Matted Flooring and an adult present! Take your time to learn the steps of this technique, gradually, once you know you can perform it safely you can add some speed into it. Students who come to our martial arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset (found here are encouraged to use our online › Read more
  The jumping back sidekick is all about getting that big jump using your explosive power (from practicing hundreds of squat jumps). Once you are in the air you need a good amount of rotation speed so you can fully extend your kicking leg before you land on the floor again. How does your foot › Read more
  Another excellent clinch trip! It’s all about timing! Wait your that knee to come up and simply tap the front foot to put your opponent off balance. Students who come to our martial arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset (found here are encouraged to use our online training platform, WarriorNet ( Warrior net › Read more
  In order to score rechambering kicks against an advanced opponent you may need to set them up with a hand technique, we like the simple jab, jab set up. You can go high low to really confuse your opponent on this as well. Students who come to our martial arts classes in Wiltshire and › Read more



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Success Through Martial Arts
What we mean when we say “Success Through Martial Arts”           It’s been ingrained in our logo since inception – our students understand it and the parents of our senior students believe it and have seen it in action. We believe the development of character through Martial Arts is applicable to
Socialising Online
Young people do a huge amount of their socialising online, what effect does this have? With instant communication with a far broader network of peers available to us through social media, we now do a huge amount of our socialising online. A study conducted online for “Yazino” found that one in four people spend more
Modern Problems
We have discovered that many of the difficulties parents face when developing their child’s character stem from modern problems. These modern problems can be solved by ancient solutions from the dojo that martial arts provides. To first understand how powerful these ancient solutions are, we must first dive into the modern problems that make an
A Shift, have you noticed it too?
  A Shift I have noticed a shift, despite huge technological advances and a modern lifestyle we are seeking to be more in touch with who we are, where we have come from, with nature and with traditional values. We are looking at the past for ancient solutions to solve our modern problems. The use
How can Leadership skills can be encouraged at home?
As we have discussed, the development of leadership skills can have a hugely positive and long-lasting effect on students as they grow into adults. To conclude this Chapter on Leadership, I would like to put forward that even without a leadership development programme or character development programme parents can make a lasting impact on their
How Martial Arts Develops Leaders in the Dojo
Within our Martial Arts Programme, we aim to cultivate excellent Leadership skills within our community. As we have mentioned previously, these skills do far more than teach our children to lead others, it encourages independence in our young students, teaching them about responsibility, how to be reliable, why attention to detail is important and to
Developing Leadership skills in young people teach Conflict resolution and Practical Skills for Adulthood
NO 8 – Developing Leadership skills in young people teach Creative and Decision making Creativity makes life more interesting and fulfilling, being creative feels good, it drives us forward and makes us unique and original as individuals. Albert Einstein: “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” When leading, we need to solve problems in a fast-paced environment

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We have developed a world-class character development programme and pride ourselves on our ability to bring communities together through martial arts. We exist to inspire young people to seek challenge and adventure, teaching them that they can make a global impact and lead a positive change in the world.
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