The head push is a great way to escape the clinch, defening from the head push is simple, however, it utilises your opponent’s momentum in the push to throw them to the side of you so you can put them straight into a lock. Students who come to our martial arts classes in Wiltshire › Read more
Everyone feels twist kicks are tricky, but by breaking them down like this you will have no problem performing them with ease! Take your time and don’t get frustrated. See if you can make a real ‘twist’ shape and kick with the ball of your foot. Students who come to our martial arts classes in › Read more
The first clinch trip we teach involves arm levers and a simple knee pivot for the opponent to fall over. Follow the steps carefully and gently, if done correctly it’s effortless. Students who come to our martial arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset (found here are encouraged to use our online training platform, WarriorNet › Read more
You can see in our other videos how we have broken down each technique, now it’s time to put it all together for your Blue Belt combination! Students who come to our martial arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset (found here are encouraged to use our online training platform, WarriorNet ( Warrior net is › Read more
  Setting up your jump back sidekick with a turning kick rechamber is just very cool. When you do this your opponent will be completely surprised. It works so well because you are halfway through the technique already. Students who come to our martial arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset (found here are encouraged › Read more
Put together your back hook kick and your push kick to create your Green Belt combination. TIP: Both kicks need to be head height, it will really help if you practice this with a partner! Students who come to our martial arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset (found here are encouraged to use our › Read more
Why are the Warrior Academy voted top 5 in the UK?
There’s a lot of choice out there for parents when it comes to finding an excellent club for your child in Wiltshire, Somerset and Bath. We believe parents want to be part of a close knit community that makes a real impact in their child’s life, that their child sticks with for many years, a › Read more
Supporting The Military
Today we signed the Pledge. Our pledge as an organisation to support those who serve. You can read online about how we are supporting our Armed Forces including scholarships, discounts and helping new families moving into the area be a part of the community. A large portion of our students and ambassadors are military families. › Read more
Martial Arts Classes for Children in Amesbury
When looking for children’s martial arts classes in Amesbury, we believe The Warrior Academy is the best choice for several reasons; 1 – Reputation (Top 5 in the UK!) 2 – Class Choice (50+!) 3 – Our Team  4 – Our Founder 5 – Exciting Syllabus 6 – Our Methodology 7 – Warrior Culture (Global › Read more
How we run competitions and develop personal goals
  Martial Arts focuses on the individual. It’s a powerful tool for personal development. As we have mentioned, within Martial Arts a student can set and achieve competitive goals to better themselves without the influence of peers, while being supported by a Community and nurturing the feeling of being “part of a team”.   Some › Read more



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Success Through Martial Arts
What we mean when we say “Success Through Martial Arts”           It’s been ingrained in our logo since inception – our students understand it and the parents of our senior students believe it and have seen it in action. We believe the development of character through Martial Arts is applicable to
One of the biggest challenges we’ve found busy parents face is not spending enough time with their children and the guilt associated with that. Let me explain… We interviewed 1500 parents and 90% of them stated ‘time’ as their biggest stress factor. Specifically not spending enough time with their children. The reason for this was
The Warrior Academy System Goal Setting The Warrior Academy Goal setting System has been designed to help students learn to break down big goals into small digestible chunks from years to months to weeks to days and daily habits. The goal is for students to learn the process of goal setting so that they can
Planned rewards and letting your ninja pick themselves up! The power of reinforcing success with Planned Rewards Later in this blog series we will be diving into our system for setting and achieving goals, a system designed to help young people in a very practical way, but before we do it’s important we understand an
Why is goal setting important It’s interesting that while we expect adults to have goals we rarely think of a 4 to 6 year old child with a set of their own goals. Yet goals stem from healthy needs or wants, desires and ambition all of which is applicable to any age and as human
Analysing Performance Positively Learning to analyse performance Positively To develop an unshakable Black Belt Mindset and the ability to overcome failure in a mature and positive way we need three things: Experience of success and failure A strong mentor A supportive community A process for analysing performance In order to develop Black Belt Mindset and
What is Failure? Defining failure and its importance to success From a young age (5 to 11) I was competing regularly in martial arts and I was failing, regularly. My Dad would take me across the country, often driving 6 hours to compete. The fear, pressure and anticipation I felt was often so difficult to

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