Martial Arts Classes for Children in Amesbury

When looking for children’s martial arts classes in Amesbury, we believe The Warrior Academy is the best choice for several reasons;

1 – Reputation (Top 5 in the UK!)
2 – Class Choice (50+!)
3 – Our Team 
4 – Our Founder
5 – Exciting Syllabus
6 – Our Methodology
7 – Warrior Culture (Global Impact)
8 – Testimonials
9 – Personal approach


The Warrior Academy has over 50 martial arts clubs for children in and around Wiltshire and has recently been voted the TOP 5 in the UK (Whats on 4 Kids Awards 2018) Our martial arts classes for children started in 2011 in a small village in Somerset and in the last 7 years The Warrior Academy has grown to over 1000 students in 50+ martial arts clubs and now clubs are starting around the world!

Classes Choice

We have over 20 martial arts classes in Amesbury to choose from. Our Amesbury clubs run out of the Nicholson Centre. We also have over 5 martial arts classes for children in Salisbury in Green Trees Primary School

Warrior Academy Instructors

Our Team of Instructors are full time, our clubs are not a hobby, they are a way of life and a professional career. Between us we have over 50 years of combined martial arts experience. We teach martial arts to over 1000 children throughout the year. We believe martial arts is about self-development and so we are constantly progressing and developing as a team. We regularly take trips to Thailand to train and compete on Thai Boxing camps and in stadiums. You can read more about our instructors team here:

Our Founder – Sebastian Bates


The Founder and Head Instructor of The Warrior Academy is Sebastian Bates. Sebastian has over 20 years experience in Martial Arts and over 10 years experience of teaching martial arts full-time. Sebastian has studied 6 styles of Martial Arts including Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu. Sebastian has grown The Warrior Academy into a global organisation with new martial arts classes in Dubai. Sebastian is a professional, international competitor having spent over 1.5 years in thai boxing camps in Thailand, competing at a professional level as well as a multi time British and West of England champion. He’s also a Best Selling author of in the area of Character Development with a book released in 2018 called “The Warrior Method” which details our methodology, setting us apart from any other club in the UK:

Exciting Syllabus

Our martial arts classes in Amesbury follow the Warrior Academy freestyle taekwondo Syllabus which is an exciting combination of several martial arts. The arts that have influenced our programme include Taekwondo, kickboxing, boxing, thai boxing and Jiu Jitsu. We believe our freestyle approach keeps our martial arts classes for children engaging and exciting while providing a heavy focus on self defence, discipline, developing confidence, focus and community.

Our Methodology Character Development

In our Martial Arts classes in Amesbury we follow the Warrior Methodology created by Sebastian Bates. We have a world classes character development programme which follows 4 steps, Community, Inspire, Challenge, Lead. You can read more about it our methodology here: We believe martial arts is fantastic and learning to defend oneself is incredibly important. More important, however, is the development of a child’s character. Character Development is the biggest benefit of martial arts classes for children and the skills we pass on will be used daily at home, in school and will shape the decisions our students make as they grow into adults, ultimately setting them up for a compelling life.


Warrior Culture

We have a huge focus on Community in our martial arts classes and you will find that there is nothing quite like the Black Belt Community we have established in our kids classes in Amesbury. One of our biggest aims is to educate our students that they have the power to make a massive impact in the world from their own actions. Ultimately, in our Amesbury classes it’s our aim to inspire our students to be BRAVE, aim HIGH and dream BIG. You can learn more about our Legacy and our Giving culture here:


It’s so important that new members can hear from other parents about our classes. That’s why we encourage all parents to read through our Facebook reviews. You will find that our martial arts classes for children have over 50 ‘5 STAR’ reviews, all of which you can check it out here:

Personal Approach – Join us for a trial!

In our martial arts classes for children in Amesbury, Salisbury and accross Wiltshire, we take our time to get to know our new students. It all starts with a 20-minute chat on the phone that is scheduled through our sign up page.

Many clubs miss this step but we believe it’s vital in order to make the biggest impact on a child’s development. We only allow new students to join us 4 times per year as we want to really focus on our new student’s introduction when they do join. This also means that throughout the year we can really focus on our current members, who, statistically stay with us for over 6 years on average.

We’d like to welcome new parents to book in an introduction call with us here:




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